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Why should you get  a custom URL on Facebook (sometimes known as a Facebook name)? I have five good reasons for you.

One, it’s simply easier to remember. Now that we’ve gotten over the need to say “www dot”, we are comfortable saying “Find me on Facebook. I’m at facebook.com/KerryRegoConsulting“.

Two, you can put it on all your marketing materials. Your main website, email signature, business card, brochure, blog etc. It’s easier to type http://www.facebook.com/KerryRegoConsulting than http://www.facebook.com/kerryregoconsulting?v=app_4949752878.

Three, you can keep your brand consistent, if you choose. I personally have slight variation on my Facebook page but my Twitter handle, YouTube channel, and Skype name are all kregobiz.

Four, it’s free. You can have your own branded name at no cost. I’m a fan of the Facebook custom URL for both personal and business because it’s digital real estate. We have to pay for our individual domains but these are available, first come first served. They are also non-transferrable. You can’t give away your name and no one can sell it.

Last, I have a friend that is a Broadway performer. Her stage name happens to be the same as a XXX performer. She discovered this because casting agents brought it to her attention. This adult performer also owns the URL they both share. This is worst case scenario but what if an unsavory character decides to take your URL? If a client or associate goes looking for your name and you didn’t claim it or someone else did, what are they going to find?

If you are ready, go to http://www.facebook.com/username and claim your personal and/or business name before someone else does.

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