status update canvas with brushes

I think the most overlooked and underestimated tool of social networking platforms is the status update. It’s that little box that asks what you’re doing or what you are working on. On Twitter it’s “What’s Happening?” and on Facebook “What’s on Your Mind?”. Most people take the question literally and give a blow by blow of their day. Boring! You can do more with it than that.

Ask a question: “What is your favorite mobile device?”

Tell them what is coming up on your calendar: “Next week I’ll be working with a non-profit and donating my services.”

Include a link to either your own website or one that would be of interest to them: “Make it to the blood bank today!”

Don’t forget pictures and videos!

This status update is your canvas. Get outside of your own box and try new ways to add value, inform your public and engage them. What are you using YOUR status update for?

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