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Dear Kerry,

Burning Social Media Question: Has correct spelling and grammar become an old-fashioned notion when it comes to social media and email? I’m sure it’s my issue, but it really turns me off. It even means the difference between hiring/not hiring someone to do something for me. Should I get off my high horse?

–Picky and Annoyed in RP

Dear Picky and Annoyed,

I don’t think you are picky at all! As a matter of fact, spelling and grammar errors are a huge pet peeve of mine.
If you are trying to communicate, sell something, or influence me to do what you’d like, you should be taking the time to proofread what you wrote. Don’t leave it for spellcheck, you need to be responsible for your own message or it WILL turn people off. NO ONE is so busy that you can’t spend one minute reading your text before hitting the send button. It can mean the difference between a job or a client. Take that one extra minute.

Thanks for asking!


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