One of the most common questions I get is, “When I get on Facebook/Twitter/etc., how will people find me?” My two word answer is, “Tell them”.

It seems simple but you wouldn’t expect your clients to intuit your phone number, would you? You have to give it to them. Your business card has a tremendous amount of valuable information right there on that 2″ x 3.5″ piece of real estate. My card gives you 5 choices on how you can communicate with me (it will be 6 once I have my FB custom URL printed on there, next run!). Pick the one that works for you. Everyone has different preferences, you have to give your clients options and ways that THEY are comfortable with, it’s not just what YOU want.

But then it comes to practicality. You shake someone’s hand, discuss who you are and what you do, you hand them your card. What does everyone do when you give them your card? They look at it. While their eyes are on it, point out some feature on your card to get them to really comprehend what is in front of them. Their eyes will come into focus on the tiny text as you point out your Facebook fan page or your LinkedIn URL. They will tell you their preference right there on the spot, “Oh, I don’t like ——-. I call/email/fax people when I need to talk to them.” That’s when you tell them that that’s a GREAT way to get in touch with you.

Again, I will say it. Put it on your business card, your website, your promotional materials, slip it into everyday conversation. Just yesterday I ordered a pizza and the pizza box had the company’s Facebook and Twitter information right there on the spine.

Social media is not going away, it’s only getting stronger. Get in the game and go for the win!

P.S. Put in the comments how I can find YOU and which platforms you’re on. It’ll be easy to find you then!

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