If you aren’t familiar with the Napa Sonoma Small Business Development Center, please check out their website. Your tax dollars to towards the Small Business Administration (SBA) and they divide up the money by state and territory. The portion of the budget for your state/territory runs through an SBDC.

The SBDC offers FREE small business counseling as well as several different types of services. These include workshops, business evaluations, intellectual property coaching and much much more! If you are a small business owner or have a dream to have a start up, this is a resource I highly recommend!

*UPDATE 6/16/11 I used their services and was helped by Janet Wentworth. I learned so much about my goals, desires, and business approach that I am a big fan of what they do. They receive funding from several sources and it’s at risk! Please speak to your elected officials to make sure that these services are available to all of us.

**UPDATE 11/8/18 I wrote about my long term experience with the SBDC and you can read the Secret to My Success to understand it’s value to my business.

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