I am an optimist. Where others have fears about jobs, family, the economic climate, I see a tremendous opportunity for growth and change. Your parents told you to become a doctor/lawyer/marketing executive/banker. How’d that turn out for you? If it didn’t, what are you doing now? The life you live is the life you built for yourself. If you’re not happy or it’s not working, you can choose a different path.

What I’m excited about is awareness and passion. People are becoming aware of what is truly important to them and what activities they want to spend their precious time doing. If you are animated about education, music, art, exercise, nature etc. find a way to turn your passion into profit.

Think about what you want and set yourself an action plan to get it. When you are passionate about what you are doing for a living you are actively engaged and are a positive force. Can you imagine what a wonderful place this would be if we were all passionate about what we did?
Don’t let the news get you down. Good things are happening everyday. Money is being spent. The economy is being stimulated. Excess is being eliminated. Be grateful for what you have and are able to do every day. May you live your passion.

*UPDATE More businesses are started during a recession, did you know that? Bootstrapping galore. Pull your boots on and get out there and live your dreams! There’s never been a better time. *Reprinted from Kerry Rego Consulting March 2008 Newsletter

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